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Shipping information

  1. If any data does not match or raise our doubts, we contact the client to explain them.
  2. Each order is verified individually because we use it to security reasons. We can not disclose all the methods to verify the order.
  3. While we reserve the right to non-performance order (non-performance services in selected countries) client will get refund in 24 hours.
  4. At the beginning we contact the customer to your PayPal e-mail to confirm the order. It is important that you have access to the PayPal e-mail because without it you will not be able to confirm your order.
  5. If the customer confirm the order we will send the code to your PayPal e-mail.
  6. The customer can redirection correspondence to another email than PayPal e-mail to the address which was given in the store when creating an account, but this request must be written from your PayPal e-mail.
  7. We take the security of our store, your funds and the security of the transactions seriously, therefore, when confirming the order, we may ask you for additional information that will help us identify your identity.
  8. We want to be sure that the order will be sent to the right person and that no one uses your account without your consent. We can ask! you to confirm your identity by sending additional documents.We value your privacy, that’s why on sent documents please send only the name and address shown, we do not want any of your data. After correct verification, the documents are deleted.
  9. If you don’t accept our safety procedures and you don’t you will not want to send us verification documents. Please do not make a purchase because the order will not be processed.
  10. After receiving the message with the purchased codes, the customer is asked to confirm that received the message.